Game Methodology for Design Methods and Tools Selection

Rafiq Ahmad, Nathalie Lahonde, Jean-Francois Omhover


Design process optimisation and intelligence are the key words of today’s scientific community. A proliferation of methods has made design a convoluted area. Designers are usually afraid of selecting one method/tool over another and even expert designers may not necessarily know which method is the best to use in which circumstances. This detailed study aims to optimise and simplify the selection process of general design methods and tools. It has been carried out to support designers’ selection of methods/tools for general design. The proposed original methodology, named Design Game Matrix of Tool Selection (DG-MOTS) and based on the analogy of the game of Snakes and Ladders, has been validated by designers.


Design optimization, Design tools and methods selection, Decision during design, Snakes and Ladders game

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